Michel Finazzi arrived from Zürich in 1968 with an electronics diploma. He became involved with video at an early stage; his first black and white editing dates back to the early 70’s.

A technical task in Yves Yersin’s “Les petites fugues” triggered him to pursue his training.

He filmed several television reports for RTS Swiss Television in the series “L’antenne est à vous!” and then made his first documentaries for Comptoir Suisse and Compagnie Vaudoise d’Eléctricité.

These were followed by broadcasts and documentaries in various fields such as the arts, society, classical dance, medicine and fashion.

For 16 years, starting in 1997, he led video workshops for prison inmates. This experience inspired him to start the shooting of his full-length feature film BLOC CENTRAL in 2014.

Michel Finazzi is delighted to have worked for :

DAVI/ECAL, Léon Prébandier,
Jacques Monnier-Raball 1973
“Le bateau de 13h15”
René Berger
Yves Yersin “Les petites fugues”
RTS Télévision Suisse Romande
Mobiles Fernsehstudio Basel M.F.B.
Comptoir Suisse
Compagnie Vaudoise d’Electricité
Fondation du Levant
Fondation Musée de l’Hermitage
Fondation As de Cœur
Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts
Arabesk Dance Works
Piano Seven
Comité International Olympique
Ancienne Abbaye de Château d’Œx
Jean Otth
Janos Urban
Nag Ansorge
Robi Engler
Jacqueline Veuve